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Male Birth Control: Simple Enough?

Male Birth Control: Simple Enough?

Yes, male birth control methods are simple enough and yet men still don’t get it. There are only three male contraception methods, although there’s news of creating a hormonal contraceptive pill for male but the development of the drug is still underway. So we are down to three male birth control methods for now.

Condoms, vasectomy, and withdrawal. These are the only three contraceptives that men have to worry about. But that number we can still narrow down. Vasectomy is often not an option taken by males since they often believe that the procedure is irreversible. For your information, the procedure is reversible. But still this method needs the man to be lying on his back on the operating table and going under the knife, and such an idea is usually not that appealing. Not that I blame the man, though, nobody wants to be lying in an operating table for whatever purpose.

The second method is withdrawal. You have a higher chance of getting your partner pregnant with this method. This can be effective when combined with the calendar method of birth control. The calendar method if in case you don’t know means tracking the menstrual cycle of your partner and having intercourse only during the first eight days of the cycle. This is quite effective when you have only one partner but can be highly risky if you engage in social sex.

With everything said about the other two methods, our last method seems to be the most suited in all occasions and situations. The use of condoms as a birth control method has a high enough success rate. It is not 100% effective since no birth control method really is perfect. And yet, men oftentimes fail in birth control even if there are only three methods that they have to choose from, or rather have a single method at their disposal if you follow our argument.

However, there are studies being done which gives men other options aside from those three. I really don’t know if these new contraceptive methods will help especially if men are in general not paying much that attention to contraceptives anyways.

But still, this development in male birth control is a welcome one. Research have been looking at developing medications, much like the female birth control pills, targeting the hormones inside the male body. This hormonal contraception can be administered as injections or as implants, although, like I said research is still being conducted and experiments are being performed to show if such contraceptives are possible.

This hormonal contraception for males will function as a limiting catalyst to the production of the male sperm. The tricky aspect of the research is finding a way of bringing back the sperm count level to the amount that men will be considered as fertile.

Other method that they are looking for includes implanting tiny plugs called IVD (Intra Vas Device) to block the sperm; applying heat to the testes to induce infertility; and even the use of ultrasound waves as a means to control the production of the sperm. The ultrasound waves will heat the testes which will result to reducing the production of sperms. Again, the issue of whether the sperm count will normalize after a few months or even years.

Well, regardless of the methods under study the present male birth control is quite simple enough so men should learn how to use them or else it’s off to the operating with you.

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